Australia: Beaches, islands and retreats

  ©  Resort Aerial, One&Only Hayman Island, QLD

 © Resort Aerial, One&Only Hayman Island, QLD

Did you know that the Australian coast is fringed by over 8,000 islands? A coastline perfect for relaxation, adventure, sport and sheer delight. World class hotels and resorts, ultimate luxury to bare foot escapism – it is all there!

Sail the beautiful Whitsundays in Queensland, or charter a yacht around the Barrier Reef, snorkel or dive in pristine waters or explore the world`s southernmost coral reef, found around Lord Howe Island. Cruise the remote Buccaneer Archipelago in the Kimberley`s or explore Fraser`s Islands rain-forests by 4WD. Swim with the dolphins at Monkey Mia, or day trip to gorgeous Rottnest Islands – the choices are endless.

LIZARD ISLAND, The Great Barrier Reef 

 © 2012 Lizard Island Resort

 © 2012 Lizard Island Resort

Lizard Island is truly secluded from the rest of the world. With 24 powdery-white beaches and 40 luxurious suites, it is the most northern resort in tropical Queensland and is located directly on the Great Barrier Reef. 

A National Park covering 1,013 hectares with 24 sandy beaches and a lagoon, Lizard Island is accessible only by private charter from Cairns Airport in northern Queensland, Australia. Cairns Airport is accessible from all major Australian airports and directly from some cities in Asia. The island is reserved for the fortunate few who will experience an unforgettable holiday like no other. Enjoy secluded picnics and sunset beach degustation on private beaches, five star cuisine in the beautiful Salt Water restaurant and indulgent spa treatments in the Essentia Day Spa. Relax in style in premium accommodation and take in the wonders of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef – right on your doorstep.

Lizard Island - Australia Travel Inspirations
Lizard Island - Travel Inspiration for Australia

Getting from Cairns to Lizard Island: 

Enjoy a scenic 60 minute flight from Cairns, over spectacular views of the Great Barrier Reef and the coast, en route to Lizard Island.

Lizard Island Resort Accommodation: $$$

Lizard Island presents elegant, yet understated Great Barrier Reef accommodation in a variety of rooms and suites. The Great Barrier Reef resort hotel rooms offer serene luxury and a private location in which to enjoy your stay, ranging from villas to plunge pool suites. 

An ACTIVITY We Recommend: Fluoro Night Diving

Imagine drifting through a neon realm with corals and creatures glowing in the dark. Under white light, a fluorescent object reveals its true colour but under ultra violet light it absorbs the blue and re-emits a fluorescent colour, transforming the blue into a bright glowing, entirely different colour.

By using specialised Ultra Violet lights, in combination with a unique mask cover you can experience such scenes with your own eyes. Not only do the corals around you radiate a spectrum of the brightest fluorescent colours but so too does the aquatic life. Moray eels, crabs and tiny shrimps display flashes of bright fluorescent yellow, red and green and fish display patterns of light. UNMISSABLE!

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