About Ashok Dilwali

Ashok Dilwali, born in 1944 is a renowned photo-artist of the lofty Himalayas. Born in New Delhi, India, he was educated at Modern School and graduated from Shri Ram College of Commerce. After graduation, he took up higher studies and qualified as a Chartered Accountant from AF Ferguson & Co, Mumbai. He has travelled widely in Europe and USA and has won international awards for his work.

Ashok lives in New Delhi and manages the prestigious family photographic concern, Kinsey Bros, whose field of specialization is studio portraiture and commercial works but Himalaya remains his first and foremost obsession.

"I entered the profession in 1977 and did a lot of portraiture and commercial work all along. In 1979 I first ventured into Himalaya and got attracted in a very big way. The quest to publish one book ended in twenty three titles so far and two more titles are being worked out presently. I operated almost all big-brand cameras like Nikons, Hassleblads, Linhofs, Mamiyas and Fujicas in several formats."

He claims that his biggest achievement in life has been to bring grandeur of the Himalayas to millions of homes and offices.

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Views on Photography 

"I personally feel that photography has two aspects to it, i.e. art and craft. The craft part used to be very tedious and difficult before the advent of digital photography, which has become very simple and easy. Even a complete novice can take technically perfect images which used to be acquired after many years of learning and perfecting that skill. Now it is only a matter of pressing the shutter with a finger, if you have one!

But the art part remains as difficult and elusive as before, only the mechanical part has become easier. To be able to capture an image that can be admired by many is a difficult matter which still requires much dedication and sophistication.

One well known photographer had said that final aesthetics of the complete photographer is not just dependent on his camera alone but is the final product of several things of his personality, which would include his appreciation of painting, music and literature and over all inclination for art. Setting an instance of Ansel Adams, the greatest photographer of landscapes was a musician basically and his final product, the photograph, would be as perfect as would be his musical score. He emphasized the importance of overall development of artistic temperament to make one’s photography sophisticated."