Malawi may be one of Africa’s smallest countries but when it comes to luxury, exploration and adventure, it has a vast amount to offer; from grasslands and forests, mountaintops, unspoilt wildlife parks to Africa’s third largest and most beautiful Lake!

Located on the Great Rift Valley, Malawi is dominated by Lake Malawi, a huge body of water, 365 miles long and 52 miles wide. It’s teaming with life including over 400 species of cichlid fish, a lot of which are endemic to it. Most of Lake Malawi’s astounding underwater diversity is protected within the Lake Malawi National Park which is a World Heritage site and also one of the first in the world set aside for the protection of freshwater fish. 

The wildlife parks in Malawi are striking as well as diverse in game. Unlike other African parks these have a very exclusive feel to them with only a few lodges operating in each. Reserves such as Majete Wildlife Reserve, are virtually undiscovered by tourists thus visiting it feels more like an expedition; making for unique and exciting safaris. Majete is also the only official Big 5 Park in Malawi. Malawi is not a wealthy country, but there are great riches in the people. Malawians are never short on smiles and hospitality; making you feel welcome in the ‘Warm Heart of Africa’ right from the start of your unforgettable journey.

Our sample itineraries can be used as they are or we can adapt them to fit around your individual requirements. We can tailor make your dream holiday! 

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