Nkwichi - Lake Malawi


The Lodge

Nkwichi, a halcyon paradise hidden on the pristine Mozambican shores of Lake Malawi. More than a lodge, Nkwichi is a complete experience offering a unique taste of Africa with exquisite lakeside scenery and unparalleled tranquillity.

With 8 secluded beaches set on 4 km of Rift Valley coastline, Nkwichi is the perfect setting to discover a lost world; a fresh-water oasis and an Africa untouched.


Tucked away in the treeline, each chalet is unique.  All individually designed and built using local materials to blend in to their surroundings, they deliver absolute luxury in a natural setting.

  • Complete privacy and intimacy
  • Hand-crafted furniture, including  4-poster beds
  • Rock-pool baths carved out of primordial boulder
  • Mesmerizing vistas of the lake

Pristine wildlife and nature

There is something for every nature lover here at Nkwichi, from the seasoned birder searching for that Pel’s fishing owl or pennant winged nightjar to the first timers delighting in the vervet monkeys shenanigans. Whilst relaxing on the beach, paddling along the shore or simply sitting at the breakfast table, the fish eagle’s call is ever present. It is almost common to see the beautiful bird swoop down and snatch a fish from the lake.

Hiking up into the hills to experience untouched bush and taking in the awe inspiring vistas, you are likely to spot a shy kudu staring at you just at the limit of visual range or hear the barking baboons in the trees and on the rocky slopes.

The variety of plant and fungi life is fascinating and season dependant. Your guide will pick edible mushrooms the size of dinner plates or use the leaves of the horn pod tree to call up a common duiker in the same manner that his fathers’ fathers did. Reptile and insect life abounds in the form of monitor lizards and the striking rainbow skinks.

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Stargaze and sleep under the Milky Way on Nkwichi’s beach.  

Experience the Lake of Stars as never before from Nkwichi’s unique Star Bed. Watch sunset and the first flickering of twilight, have a romantic dinner on secluded beaches, enjoy a night cruise under a canopy of starlight or uncover the universe’s secrets through the lens of a telescope - simply the most amazing way to star gaze.