The World’s Most Coveted Small-Group Polar Bear Expedition!

Location: Canada

Looking out onto the snowy tundra, we spy them, white on white.  Alternately regal and whimsical and always awe-inspiring, polar bears in the wild offer a natural encounter charged with drama and magic. In our custom Polar Rover vehicles we can approach at close range without disturbing them, offering a chance for an incredibly moving wildlife experience. From our heated confines – or standing on the outdoor platform – we may see mothers with cubs, young males play-fighting, or a huge, solitary male ambling over the tundra. There’s no better time than now to see the King of the Arctic, and no one better to take you up close than us!

Trip Highlights

  • See the world’s greatest concentration of polar bears in the intimacy of a small group, on our flagship polar bear tour!
  • The most comfortable vehicles, with innovative mesh steel flooring on the outdoor observation platform, get you safely up close to the bears
  • Our professional Expedition Leaders are the best in the business, enhancing your polar bear adventure at every turn with their in-depth knowledge