Travel Inspiration for the West Coast 


Strandloper Ocean Boutique Hotel

Fall in love with this boutique hotel where shoes are optional and relaxation is unavoidable. Here, the catch of the day provides both nourishment and entertainment as generations of fisherman haul in their fresh bounty from the Atlantic Ocean.

Watch as whales and dolphins frolic or simply kick back in earth friendly luxury. Just 90 minutes from Cape Town City, this haven is masterfully tucked between the ocean and the surrounding nature reserve: another world entirely.

The hotel’s 13 suites and rooms are laced with laid-back luxury.The hotel has five different styles of accommodation; each suite in turn has been designed to merge the boundaries between living and landscape. Breaking surf and fresh sea foam - just a hundred meters away - provide welcome reprieve from the West coast sun (for tired feet and sun-kissed bodies). In winter months, that same sea provides moody and ever changing vistas, which guests can enjoy from fireside comfort in the Ocean Lounge or the tranquility of their courtyard or terrace.

Return home from the surrounding springtime splendor of the neighbouring reserve, nearby beach walks or bird watching trails to the most sublime seafood and an excellent wine list to match.  

We Recommend: Indulging in the fresh seafood. Take your pick from fresh crayfish, mussels and line fish – the stuff that made the sleepy seaside town of Paternoster famous to begin with. 

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