We are extremely proud of our lifestyle and special interest tours designed to provide you with an extra special dimension to your holidays. So whether your passion is photography, wildlife experiences, great migrations, festivals, safaris and bird watching, or art and history, The Independent Traveller has itineraries and ideas designed with you in mind. 
With experts in each individual field and staff with years of experience searching the globe for the world's most captivating destinations, we possess resources and insight to make your holiday uniquely special. If you do not see what you desire it is probably because space does not permit us to show all that we can do here!

Astronomy and Eclipse Travel

Our astronomer led  and culture-rich trips provide amazing opportunities to enjoy spectacular daytime sightseeing with night time star gazing and eclipse viewing in some of the most stunning parts of our world. We select special places with unique character, a distant lack of light pollution, away from cities and towns, to give you the best experience – all day and all night! The Independent Traveller`s Eclipse tours centers the experience within the local community. For each eclipse tour, we spend considerable time researching and planning the best locations, local weather and viewing sites.  

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Photography Tours

Are you interested in Photography and want to get your camera to more interesting places? On our Photography focused tours you'll learn tips and techniques while exploring picturesque places with local experts who know the remote areas, away from the tourist crowds. Our tours cater for both those who seek more intensive instruction and technique advice, to those who are experienced and confident and looking for unforgettable photo opportunities.

From Zambian Bush Safaris to tracking wild Grizzlie Bears, the opportunity to capture the shot of a lifetime awaits you.

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WILDLIFE adventures

Come forth into the light of things, Let Nature be your teacher.” - William Wordsworth

Gorillas in Uganda, Tigers in India, Grizzleys, Wolves, Beluga Whales, there is so much to see in our diverse world. 

Our tours are responsibly sourced, with experienced expedition leaders and luxury accommodation in exotic surrounds.  

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women's tours

The Independent Traveller specialises in, and is passionate about, creating holidays that inspire and delight all our fellow women travellers, crafting experiences like no other.

Our tours for women give you the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself in exotic destinations with quality accommodation, a well-paced itinerary and travelling companions that share your outlook on life, all in perfect safety. We have holidays designed by women, for women – to India, Morocco, South Africa, Botswana, and Argentina. 

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