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" Time flies but since 1998, I have been proud to be the Managing Director of The Independent Traveller. I am so pleased you have found our website and I hope you will be inspired by many of the ideas contained here.

As a leading Independent Travel provider – and that independence is now quite rare (call it – highly prized independence) – we can offer you totally impartial travel advice at a very affordable price. We add real value to your travel arrangement adopting a refreshing and innovative approach to travel and treating each client as unique and individual. We pride ourselves on using a wide range of accommodation options from adventurous tented accommodation to luxurious and sophisticated hotels. We have holidays and travel ideas to suit all ages and requirements. Single travellers, women travellers (for whom we have a range of uniquely designed holidays), couples, families, adventure travellers, photographers and wildlife enthusiast will all find something special within the range of travel options offered. 

So please relax, enjoy perusing the site remembering that a website can only contain a tiny percentage of what we can actually offer you. Do call me or any of the team so that we can put the magic into your travel arrangements."

Rosemary Sloggett, Managing Director 


We provide a bespoke travel design service whether it is for individuals or small groups focusing on tailoring individual travelling needs, budgets and personal circumstances. We are creative, well-travelled, and we simply love to make your holiday dreams become a reality. We also provide:

  • A worldwide holiday planning service 
  • Unbiased, personal travel advice 
  • Arrange and host special interest travel and small group tours including photography and wildlife
  • Travelling inspiration and ideas that cover all age ranges and budgets. 
  • A unique range of holidays designed by women, and for women travellers.
  • Business and corporate travel
  • Low cost flight solutions 
  • Astronomy and Total Solar Eclipse Tours and Travel